Reserve an article.

No articles can be reserved in our online store.

You can, however, contact a store so as to check on the availability of a product and to reserve this where possible.

To find out the contact details of your store, please visit the store section of our website.


Know the stock in stores.

By contacting the customer service team, you can receive information about items in stock at any store across the Manoush network, as well as stock information for previous collections.

Moreover, each Manoush store is able to view the stock levels available for the entire Manoush network. We advise you to directly contact a store who will be in a better position to answer your queries.

To find out the contact details of your store, please visit the store section of our website.


View articles in our old collection.

To view articles in our old collections, please contact the customer service team by email or telephone at: , +331 44 88 97 98.


Article availability.

An article no longer appears on the website, why is this?
It is possible that some articles in our online store disappear at the end of the season. These products are removed during maintenance as they are unavailable and will not be in stock until the end of the season.


Items photos.

The fundamental characteristics of articles are indicated in our online store under article specifications. Images, photos and colours of articles for sale may not exactly match the real colours due to the effects of the internet browser and screen resolution used. 


Fitting of the products.

To view the corresponding sizes of La Maison Manoush products, please visit the size guide information appearing under each product specification.